Mt. Calvary Music Conservatory

Private lessons for music students (children and adults)

Lessons offered for: piano, voice, and brass

Flexible scheduling

Call the church office (402-551-0244) or email for more information

Our Story

After many years of operating a school as a service to members and families in the community, Mt. Calvary Lutheran School closed its doors, and much of the former school building was unused. Yet there was a strong desire to not only continue use of the school facility, but also to find a new way to provide a service to those in and around the church.

One of our sister congregations in Council Bluffs, St. Paul's, has been operating their parish-based music conservatory for the past 10 years. Over time they saw a need for a parish-based music conservatory here in Omaha. In the late summer of 2017, representatives from St. Paul's approached Mt. Calvary to see about interest in partnering with them to start a parish-based music conservatory. Mt. Calvary enthusiastically agreed to pursue this unique opportunity!

After months of planning and preparation in one of the school classrooms, the Mt. Calvary Music Conservatory is accepting students, both young and old, equipping them with God's gift of music, and raising up the next generation of church musicians!