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Services for the Lenten Season

Lenten Midweek Vespers

Wednesdays in Lent

6:30 pm

Holy Week & Easter

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Precautions for Worship at Mount Calvary

Effective until further notice

Stay home if you...

have an underlying medical condition

live with elderly people or others who are at risk

have upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms

You are welcome to...

wear a mask

use the hand sanitizer bottles in the narthex as you enter and exit


take your bulletin from the table in the narthex and take it home with you

sit with your family, but sit six feet away from other families/individuals

wait for an usher to dismiss you for Communion and after church

remain standing for communion to avoid contact with the altar rail

leave your offering in the plate in the narthex

Know that...

all surfaces and door handles are regularly sanitized by the trustees

Pastor washes his hands before the Communion liturgy and uses sanitizer immediately before distribution

communion assistants wash their hands before entering the chancel

the wine used for communion is fortified (has a higher alcohol content). The wine and precious metal of the chalice ensure that the inside is sterile

the purificator used to wipe the chalice after each communicant and table is soaked in Everclear, which is 95% alcohol, making the exterior of the chalice sterile

the altar guild washes their hands before preparing the elements, and again before preparing the individual cups

the individual cups are spaced apart to reduce the chance of another's hand touching them

all communion ware is washed in hot soapy water after use

To receive the Body of Christ...

in the hand, please hold your hands flat, one on top of the other

on the tongue, please tilt your chin up slightly and stick your tongue out just past your bottom lip